Angelie Adame
Dumaguete City, Philippines

Through the UCC Global Ministries, our Christian Education children and youth sponsors a young girl in the Philippines, through the Dumaguete Kalauman Center.

Our church school children write to Angelie and she writes back

The Dumaguete Kalauman Center for Development is a a community based center in Dumaguete City, Philippines.  The Dumaguete Kalauman Center (whose name means "from where you can draw hope"), serves children who live with their parents or other close relatives who are under or unemployed. 

The Kalauman Center is a Child Sponsorship partner of UCC Global Ministries.

The money received by Global Ministries from child sponsors is used for educational expenses, medical assistance, cultural activities and establishing a college or trade school savings fund for each child. In addition to facilitating the child sponsorship program, Kalauman also works to strengthen partnerships with the nearby communities to promote opportunities for children and families to participate in community affairs, and to connect parents of children at Kalauman to employment opportunities.

Dumaguete City where Angelie lives is on the island of Negros, well southeast of the Philippine capital of Manilla.  See the large red dot on the map (well) below.